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Fics went up this week at [ profile] gateverse_remix, a remix challenge for Stargate: SG-1 and SGA. It was the fourth remix [ profile] cupidsbow had done and she wrote some great meta in her journal about how she finally managed to find a process she likes for making the story her own. There are also links there to the discussions she hosted after the last two rounds of [ profile] remix_redux. Probably a little late in the day for most of us, but maybe some of you are still near the beginning stages, and anyway it's an interesting read: How to write a remix according to cupidsbow.
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Sign-ups are open!

If you are still trying to decide whether to sign up, or if you’ve already decided but are still curious about what this remixing business is about or how one goes about writing one, here are some links you might find helpful.

challenge stories and discussions )

Please comment with other links and I’ll add them to this post! Also, let's go ahead talk about our past experiences with writing in these types of challenges and how we hope it'll go for this one.

signing up

May. 1st, 2007 06:46 am
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Some of this you have seen before, but most of it is new. What this means is that the sign ups are now open!

what is a remix? what are the basic rules? )

what are the deadlines? what is the timeline? )

how do we play? )

who'll post the stories? )

so, I think I won't be able to finish my story; what should I do? )

if you can pinch hit, then this is what that means )

anything else?

If you have any other questions, either email me, or comment on this post.

in closing

Hobbits are great. This means more hobbit fanfic, and that is always a very good thing to have.

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Apr. 25th, 2007 09:38 pm
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what is a remix? what are the basic rules?

Have you ever read a story and found yourself thinking, hey, I could have done that, too, but I would have done it like this..., and then found yourself thinking about it, but never actually writing it out? That is what this ficathon is all about – taking some other person's story, and then rework it in your own image.

This covers many things – the basic style, from tense to pov, as well as dialogue, mood, and characterization. If you think something is too short, then you can make it longer: if you think the original went on further than it should have, then you can redo it and end it at another point.

Of course, there are things you can't change: pairing, or characters, and the basic plotline.

This is a ficathon for hobbit-centric fiction, including gen, slash, het, and femslash, and may include interspecies pairings and characters of other races as long as one of the main characters is a hobbit. In order to sign up, you need to have written at least three pieces of hobbit-centric fiction, of at least 500 words.

The fic you write for the challenge should also be at least 500 words.

what are the deadlines? what is the timeline?

Signs ups will start on May 1 and go through May 14.

More information will be posted on that May 1.

anything else?

Nothing right yet. Watch this journal for more information. Either join this community to keep an eye on it, or simply friend it, or click on the image here, and then select 'Someone posts a new entry to [ profile] a_conspiracy', and then hit 'save' to be notified of future posts.

If you join the community, make sure to friend it so that all new posts will show up on your friends-list.

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